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What We Do

For women cic is a London based, not-for-profit organisation founded by women, for women.
Our aim is to support women to thrive in life. Improve women's mental and physical health,
confidence and overall life satisfaction including their access to social and employment


Our mission is to assist and encourage women to strive for wellness in all areas of their lives
and to create spaces where women can support and encourage each other through their
lived experience.

Our strengths:

  • Our enthusiasm, dedication, and an unwavering passion for elevating the lives of women

and help them progress.

  • A lived experience approach is essential to drive and lead social impact work in modern

society. Women with personal experiences facilitating our sessions offer privileged insight
and understanding and draw on their own experiences to help others.

  • Diversity-friendly and inclusive. We believe that developing relationships with

people from different cultures are key in building strong, diverse communities where every
person feels valued and accepted. So far we have women coming from 30 different
countries in the world.

The number of outcomes we achieve is increasing dramatically every day and we see this
through the number of referrals that we receive from NHS mental health services and social
prescribers who daily appreciate our work.

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