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Living Mindfully

Sometimes life seems to be too much and it seems too hard to find time for things that can help us slow down and live in the moment. It sounds so simple, but going for a walk can be a great way to let off some steam. Taking some time to breathe, look at the sky, and just get some fresh air can help you reset and get a new perspective. Often, we get so caught up in the rush of life that we forget to stop and let our minds and bodies just chill out for a bit.

At for women we encourage women to live mindfully.

Living mindfully can lead to greater awareness, emotional regulation, and overall well-being. It can help reduce stress, improve concentration, enhance relationships, and foster a greater sense of connection to oneself and the world.

Paying attention to our surroundings is a fundamental aspect of living mindfully. When we are mindful of our environment, we are fully present in the here and now, engaging our senses to perceive the world around us. With openness and curiosity.

Embracing mindful living brings chemical changes in our bodies. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream which make us feel good. Gathering to explore nature, history, culture through walking, observing and feeling.

Mindful walk and photography

About 2 hours

Mindful photography can help us slow down when we are out walking, and it becomes a way of expressing and processing difficult emotions. Let’s take a walk and make a conscious effort to focus on what is around us, let’s concentrate on the detail of what we can see. Let’s take photos of things

which jump out as interesting to us. And let’s do it together enjoying the company of each other. He beauty of mindful photography is that we don’t need any fancy equipment, a phone camera will do.


Breathing and Relaxation Sessions

About 1 hour

Breathing exercises to anchor ourselves to the present moment and activate our parasympathetic nervous system which helps us relax and calm down. We equally work on stretching our body to help release tension, and do some strengthening for stability, bringing a sense of equilibrium in the body.

Out & About (Gathering to Explore)

Full, or half-days

Exploring historical and tourist attractions is a fantastic way to spend time “Out & About” while also learning about the culture, history, and landmarks of London and nearby locations. Guided tours or self-guided walks to visit famous monuments, historical sites including landmarks like castles, cathedrals, palaces and ancient ruins.


Cook, Eat & Socialise


At For Women we believe gastronomy is almost philosophy….and much more than that. It is pleasure and sociability, the perfect moment to talk, share a laugh and strengthen relationships. It helps us tackle loneliness and isolation. Cooking and eating together can have a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing and social inclusion.

Cooking interventions are used in therapeutic and rehabilitative settings; spending time together in the kitchen encourages social interaction and teamwork and we learn new recipes or try different types of food collectively.

Sharing the kitchen creates a different bonding experience every time not to mention stimulates creativity and fun! Cooking opens the door for communication on different topics such as present events, future events, or something we may have seen or remembered that we want to share with others. We can share stories, build relationships, learn from each other’s mistakes and triumphs; and not only create the bonds that define us, but also being together in this way can have a positive impact on our wellbeing.

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