Happy Woman

Why For Women?

We have provided a valuable lifeline for women during difficult times both through our online activities and through our face-to-face ones.

Here are some examples of the impact our work has made:


 Through our virtual peer talking groups, workshops and face-to-face activities we have created a network of friendship and support for women in London and beyond.


 The women who have taken part in our activities have reported a reduction in stress & anxiety levels as well as loneliness & isolation.


 Through signposting and partnerships with local mental health charities and organisations, some women have gone onto seeking professional help for their mental health well-being.


Some women have expanded their skills and learned new ones through volunteering and training courses, and reported an increase in self-confidence and life-satisfaction.

Why is our work important right now?

Recent studies have shown us that loneliness and isolation need to be taken seriously.

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns that ensued, have led to a decline in mental wellbeing, particularly for women. This is because women are more adversely affected by social isolation.

We need to address the impact the pandemic will have on the mental health of women in the UK and offer measures to help them through this difficult time and beyond.

In 2020, a study conducted by the Institute For Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex revealed:

- An increase of 11%-27% of underlying mental health problems for women since the pandemic.

- 34% of women said they "sometimes" felt lonely, 11% of women said they "often" felt lonely.