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What Our Women Say About Us 

Here is what some of the women who have joined our activities have to say about us:

"There is something for everybody. It has helped me through COVID-19 to connect with others. I made new friends. I can share things with others in a safe and confidential way."

"I liked that there was a nice friendly and positive vibe from the moment you join the Zoom meeting. There were some mornings I was feeling a bit down but the greetings immediately made me feel better and glad to joining."


"The Happiness Corner's facilitator allowed all participants to have a proper space to express themselves in a meaningful way. She was able to offer holistic feedback and showed empathy, wisdom and compassion at all times. She encouraged all members of the group to help and support each other."

 "I live on my own and have felt so isolated during the lockdown. Coffee Chat is one of the only times I get to talk with other people. I have made so many new friends thanks to it and it's really helped my mood and loneliness."

 "I always enjoy  my mid-morning cuppa and chat with the other ladies on a Friday morning. It's become part of my weekly routine and given me something to look forward to."